In spite of the very high literacy level the people of Kerala are not at all health conscious. The net result is that Kerala has become the diabetic capital of India, has the highest number of heart patients in the country and large number of patients with liver related diseases. Naturally there are thousands of patients in our state with end stage organ failure. For these patients the only hope for prolonging their life is by way of organ transplantation. Even though the Human Organs Transplantation Act was adopted by the Kerala Government during 1998 nothing constructive was being done on this by the government or by other organisations. As a result all these patients with organ failure succumb to the inevitable death. It was under these circumstances that a group of people consisting of doctors and social workers got together and decided to form an organisation so as to assist the unfortunate victims of organ failure. Thus came into existence the Society for Organ Retrieval & Transplantation ( SORT) at Cochin. The Society was formally inaugurated by Sri. P. M. Sayed, the then Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha on 20th January 2000. The Society was registered under the Travancore State literacy, sports and charitable organisations Act with the registered address at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Cochin branch. The IMA is extending all patronage and support to the SORT. President IMA is a permanent member of the Board of Directors
of SORT. Other members include judges, doctors, journalists, police officers, social workers etc. SORT is the only registered body in Kerala promoting the great humanitarian cause of cadaver organ donation.

Major Objectives:
• To promote the concept of cadaver organ donation to save precious life
• To educate the masses on the noble act of organ donation by organizing awareness programmes (audio visuals).
• To maintain accurate records regarding donors and recipients.
• To motivate the relatives of the brain dead patients to donate organs.
• To render all assistance to the donors, recipients and hospitals in carrying out the retrieval and transplantation process.


Activities carried out so far:
The first ever multi-organ transplantation in Kerala performed in Cochin during June 2004, involving the Amritha and PVS memorial hospitals. Three patients who received the liver and kidneys are living hale and hearty. (27th June, 2004 was a red letter day in the history of organ transplantation in Kerala. It was on this day that the first ever cadaver multi-organ transplantation was performed in our State. Three extremely poor patients with end stage renal and liver failure, whose days were numbered on this earth, were brought back to life with this successful multi-organ transplantation. This was made possible through the supreme act of charity by the members of the family of Ramachandran Nair, who was declared brain dead following a road traffic accident. The members of Nair’s family, who were devastated by the sudden shock, composed themselves and displayed rare courage and conviction to donate his organs to save precious lives. It was indeed a real ‘Gift of Life’. A team of dedicated doctors , with the unstinted support by the Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences and the P.V.S. Memorial Hospital, rose to the occasion and extended selfless service to make the rare event a memorable one. This dream-cum-true event has provided renewed hope to thousands of unfortunate victims of end stage organ failure in Kerala. This souvenir is dedicated to the members of the family of Ramachandran Nair, the doctors and all others who were instrumental in saving the lives of the three patients through the multi-organ transplantation.) The entire process of retrieval and transplantation was coordinated by SORT. Seminars on ‘Religion and Organ Donation’ were organised involving religious heads. Periodical meetings/seminars were conducted on organ donation for the benefit of the public Two persons donated their whole bodies to SORT with a request to use them for educational purpose. The bodies were handed over to the Padiar Memorial Homeopathic College, Chottanikkara and the Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin. Assistance was provided to 8 persons for retrieval of their eyes after death. There are more than 1500 persons who have pledged to donate their organs to SORT. Donor cards were issued to all the registered donors. Display materials containing slogans for organ donation have been displayed at hospitals, consultation rooms of doctors and other public places to propagate the message of organ donation among the general public. SORT undertakes regular awareness programmes of its own. The SORT is only happy to arrange such programmes on request.