We had a membership of 72 in 1996 which went up to 120 in 1969. I can only say that with the strong will of Dr. Urumese and able support of fellow members, the building was completed in less than 2 years. On 26th February, 1966, the then President for the Branch, Dr. V N Mohammed, purchased this plot of 5.205 cents of land for Rs.20, 825/- with and addition of Rs.1,884.80 for documentation and Registration. Subsequently, a Committee was constituted with the following members. Dr. Urumese was the Chairman of the Committee. Dr. A. K. Sabhapathy – then Secretary IMA (Convenor), Dr. Mary Antony (D. M.O), Dr. Vasava Menon, Dr. K.G.G. Panicker, Dr. C. S. K. Nair, Dr. Gopalakrishnan, 
Dr. V. K. Thomas, Dr. Sunder Raj (Members).

I am only too happy to say that because of his total personal involvement, as one of his own, the building could be completed, overcoming financial crisis. With just Rs.1,000/- in the Bank as cash balance, a plan was drawn to have a hall of 1200 sq. ft. in the 1st floor and 2 suits in the 2nd floor. Suits were then converted into blood bank and library and now the whole floor is functioning as library.

The foundation stone was laid on 6.3.1969. Without much of fore thinking in the financial aspect. It was a practice on those days for myself and Dr. Urumese that after finishing the work in General Hospital, find ways and means to collect funds, purchase building materials and to supervise the work. We were only too happy to complete the building without any break in the construction. The Building Committee met frequently to assess the progress of the work. The funds raised were by contributions from 57 doctors, the sale of Debenture Bonds worth Rs.10,000/- collections from the proceedings of the Benefit Show, ‘Fantastic Voyage’, collections from subscribed I M A Dinner, contributions from charity minded citizens of the locality and the collections from 90 advertisements for the I M A Building Souvenir and a loan of Rs.20,000/- from the Red Cross. 

After the completion of the building in 1971, the liabilities were cleared within a short time. To overcome the early financial set-back, the ground floor which was meant for Car Parking with 2 suits above were rented out, which later turned out to be not a wise step. Afterwards the ground floor was converted into blood bank and now it is functioning as Ashraya AIDS Counseling Centre.

As already pointed out Dr. Urumese was the all-in all bringing up this building. I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the services of  Dr. V. B. Mohammed, Dr. C.S.K. Nair, Dr. K.G.G. Panicker, Dr. Vava Menon, Dr. Mary Antony, the then M.O. and the Secretary of the Red Cross, Sri Samuel John, the gifted Engineer Architect, Sri Alexander, Structural Engineer and Law Krishna Iyer for their valuable services at different times to bring up this memorable building in the heart of the city.

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